Watch As An Entire Section At Madison Square Garden Points Out A Heckler, Gets Him Ejected

  • Eric Goldschein

knicks hecklerFor some reason, people showed up to Madison Square Garden yesterday to watch the Knicks (who were eliminated from playoff contention over the weekend) play the Bulls. One of those people was a heckler who might have thought he’d be supported and possibly thrown a parade for the pointed barbs he threw at the under-performing Knicks. He was wrong.

It’s difficult to say what constitutes “crossing a line” when heckling at a sporting event. Usually, saying things like “fuck you, you fucking fuck” is too far, since there are kids at the arena and if you’re so pissed, why are you even there? But how about “Hey Felton, where’s your gun?” Because that appears to be what this guy was yelling around the 0:15 mark of this video. It doesn’t end well for him.

This guy was either a) drunk or b) expecting everyone to laugh at his knowledgable heckling because Felton is a terrible point guard (it is known) and facing gun charges. It’s tough to make out exactly what he’s saying, and some people might think that an ejection wasn’t warranted regardless. But when an entire section turns around and points you out (and players on the court are breaking the fourth wall to respond to you), it’s not a case of snitching. You’re clearly being a dick.

Who knew Knick fans still had things like pride and love for their team?

Side note: Regarding what the Bulls commentators say at the end: “How can you hear one guy say something?” He was being loud as shit during a dead-ball situation, it was quite easy to hear him. The no-snitch code in Chicago runs deep.