New York Knicks Succumb To Adorableness Of Kid Reporters, Sing Justin Bieber

  • Tom Lorenzo

Here’s something you probably thought you’d never see. New York Knicks “Kids Reporters” Jaylah and Ryan were at Knicks practice to embarrass get the inside scoop in and around the team. From asking them to spell made up words, to getting them to sing a Justin Bieber song, it was exactly what the New York “lamestream” media had failed to do so many times this season.

Amazingly, not only did they get Tyson Chandler and Jared Jeffries to sing some Bieber, but it turns out that Jeffries actually knows all the words. At least we got to hear Mike Bibby‘s “excuse,” with his three kids and all. What’s yours, Mr. Jeffries?

It’s amazing they got these dudes to sing. Job well done, team. Now, if only these kids could get the Knicks to play a little defense. Ooh, burn!

[TBJ, via Posting and Toasting]