Kobe Bryant Asked Twitter For Entertainment Suggestions — Here’s What Twitter Delivered

  • Eric Goldschein

The Lakers play for just a few hours every couple of days, so there’s only so much coaching Kobe Bryant can do from the couch/hot tub/balcony overlooking Los Angeles. He can’t do much with that torn ACL, so how will he fill up his rehab hours? That’s where you come in, Twitter-verse. Got any suggestions for the Mamba?

Kobe posed that very question on Saturday:

Surprisingly, considering the date, the majority of the answers were not “smoke mad weed” or something else to that effect. Many of Bryant’s followers delivered suggestions, which fell into three basic categories:

1. Shameless self-promotions:

2. Suggestions that read like every college student’s Netflix account:

3. Weirdness:

Bonus category: Phil Jackson.

Classic Zen master. Classic Twitter.

Image via Getty