To The Delight Of NBA Fans, Kobe Bryant Unveils His New Black Mask [Update]

  • Tom Lorenzo

Almost single-handedly, Kobe Bryant and his newly-minted superhero mask have taken down the Internet. Seriously, it’s as if the world has never seen an all-time great, first ballot Hall of Famer wear such a sleek mask. I mean… Oh, wait. I guess we haven’t.

According to the Lakers Blog, Bryant had four of these specialty masks made in Detroit by the same people who made the Richard Hamilton masks. The appeal of the mask, aside from it making Kobe look like an actual masked crusader, is that the black one, unlike the clear one he’s been wearing for the past three games, does not fog up. Thus, he should be able to now elevate his game. You know, since he’s only been averaging 34 points per game since donning the clear mask.

With that, here’s what the “Black Mamba” looks like with his latest contraption.

Your move, Batman.

More photos, via CJ Fogler:

[UPDATE: After just one-plus quarters, Kobe has given up on wearing the black mask and now switched back to the clear one. He must have read this post, in which we pointed out that he was averaging 34 points per game in his clear mask. Maybe?]

[mask photo via, Kobe photo via Larry Brown Sports]