Kobe Bryant Fans Not Impressed With LeBron’s 61 Points, Say So On Twitter

  • Rick Chandler

By now you know all the particulars on LeBron James’ 61-point game against the Bobcats: ESPN was dealing point-by-point updates on Twitter, and while my computer was down briefly, they sent hundreds of letters via owl.

LeBron was 22-of-33 from the field, 8-of-10 on 3s (8-for-8 at one point), and 9-of-12 from the line. He said he felt like he was “throwing a golf ball into the ocean.” So, impressive and stuff. But NBA fans being NBA fans, we know that comparisons must be made and other great players must be shuffled, discussed and placed in proper order.

In other words, LeBron’s big night made Kobe Bryant fans restless, and they must vent. Example: “Kobe 81” is trending right now, even though his 81-point game occurred eight years ago.

Here’s some of what else went down immediately following the Heat’s win:

There was also much discussion on how Heat fans comported themselves during the game:

Shots are returned:

Just make sure that you pick a side. Don’t be like me and tell the people in the bar “Hey, they’re both good! Can’t we just admire their respective talents without getting into an argument?” That will surely get you stuffed into a garbage can in the alley.