Did Kobe Bryant Bet Gerald Wallace $5,000 That He’d Make A Free Throw?

  • Dylan Murphy

It appears so, at least. Last night the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Brooklyn Nets 95-90, and in the middle of the game Kobe Bryant and Gerald Wallace (at least according to the YouTube uploader) got in a bit of a bro-off. An expensive bro-off. Wallace, who was presumably taunting Kobe, stirred him up enough to get him to open up his wallet and bet $5,000 on an upcoming free throw.

Because Kobe, as you probably know, doesn’t have any aversions to gambling.

Though we can only read his lips, here’s what Bryant seems to say:

“Make it or what? I’m at practice bitch. How much you wanna put? How much you wanna put? Put five (hundred?) grand? Right here?

Again, according to YouTube, he made the free throw. And based on that wry smile, we’re inclined to believe it was good.