Kevin Ware Won An Awesome Bet With Kobe Bryant, And Kobe Has To Pay Up

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Kobe Bryant Kevin WareKevin Ware is back, playing for Louisville, fully recovered from his gruesome broken (that you should only watch if you’re not squeamish). This is awesome.

But what makes it even more awesome is that Kobe Bryant, who seemed to think he’d be back from his achilles injury by now, made a bet with Ware over who would come back first.

When asked about the national attention of his injury, the junior said that Kobe reached out to him: “We actually made a bet. Whoever come(s) back first got to come to each other’s game. I got to get in touch with him again so he can make it to a game.”

Kobe doesn’t appear to be coming back anytime soon, so he’ll have plenty of time to check out a Louisville game.

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