Ricky Rubio Ensured That Kobe Will Try To Ruin Him At The Olympics With This Quote

  • Glenn Davis

The Timberwolves’ Ricky Rubio having such a strong start to his NBA career is good news for Wolves fans and good news for the league in general, but it’s also good news for a non-NBA reason: it adds intrigue to this year’s Summer Olympics.

Rubio was on Spain’s team in 2008 as well for the country’s silver medal run (ending, of course, in a 118-107 loss to the U.S. in the gold medal game), and figures to be an even bigger part of the Spaniards’ gold medal hopes this time around. And thanks to a delightful little exchange he had with Kobe Bryant after the Wolves’ 106-101 loss to the Lakers on Sunday, Rubio better be ready to perform (video, which you should watch with headphones in if you’re at work due to some language, via Marca):

One can’t help but admire Rubio’s confidence here. He knows full well that for all Kobe’s joviality in the above clip, he will be a much different Kobe on the court in London…and be very eager to remind Rubio of his “silver medal” crack at every opportunity if things are going well for the American side. And if Rubio shoots 2-for-13, like he did against the Lakers the other night? He’ll never hear the end of it. Either way, we are now way more excited for Olympic basketball.

[Pro Basketball Talk]