Kobe Bryant Won’t Let His 3-Year-Old Daughter Beat Him At Candy Land

  • Rick Chandler

Some of you may be confused: Candy Land is a board game, played primarily in the olden days. Candy Crush is a game you play on your iPad.

And Kobe Bryant is an NBA guy, played primarily in the olden days …

Anyway, Bryant was interviewed in a piece by Ben McGrath in the latest issue of the New Yorker, and told the story of how he wouldn’t let his three-year-old daughter Gianna win at Candy Land.

“He recalled playing Candy Land with her when she was three, and confronting the inevitable question of whether or not to let her win. ‘You know it’s my move,’ he said. ‘She obviously can see that I can win, so she’ll know that I’m not-winning on purpose. Then what’s that teaching? So I just play the game, I win—and the kid goes ape s***. She knocked the board over. “Baaaaa!” I was like, “S*** the kid’s like me. Damn it.'”

Looks like Kobe needs some lessons on how to convincingly throw a game. Where’s Tim Donaghy when you need him?