You Can Now Bet On Who Kobe Bryant’s Next Girlfriend Will Be

  • Tom Lorenzo

Now that we’ve all gotten over the shock, having digested the heartbreaking news that Kobe Braynt‘s wife Vanessa has filed for divorce from the 5-time NBA champion, all everyone wants to know is: How can I get a piece of that settlement Who will Kobe date next?

Well, thanks to the sports gambling site Bovada you can now put some coin down on who you think will be the next Ms. Bryant. The best odds, currently, belong to the unnamed super model out there who sits at 3/2 odds, followed by what’s assumed to be a lovely lady in the “entertainment (TV/film)” industry.  

Here are the complete odds:

Who will be Kobe Bryant’s next girlfriend?

Model                                       3/2
Entertainment (Film/TV)   2/1
Singer                                       3/1
Athlete                                      5/1
Elin Nordegren                       50/1

How sweet would it be if Kobe ended up getting with Elin Nordegren, most famously known as the former wife of a one Tiger Woods. Admit it, you would get a little giddy seeing a photo of Bryant and Nordegren running about town.

You can also place bets on who is most likely to be seen on a date in a public setting first, with Vanessa getting 6/5 odds and Kobe pulling 2/3 odds on the PDA scale. If that isn’t enough, you also have an opportunity to bet on the settlement figures.

How much money will Vanessa Bryant receive in the divorce settlement with Kobe Bryant?

0-50 Million                    2/1
51-100 Million                5/4
101+ Million                    3/2

Either way, it looks like the former Ms. Bryant is going to make out pretty well for herself. Considering, of course, that the Bryants did not sign a prenuptial agreement. Oops!

So, ladies and gentlemen, place your bets. My money is on Kobe dating a singer. He did, after all, once date pop star Brandy. Might we see a possible reunion?

[Jimmy Shapiro]