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Kobe Bryant’s Strangely Tragic Shoulder Diagnosis Video Makes Us Think He’s Not Retiring

  • Henry McKenna

Kobe Bryant is impenetrable. He’s resilient, confident, nasty and sometimes a dick… OK he’s almost always a dick. So, its surprising to see the NBA superstar in moments of vulnerability.

The Players’ Tribune released a video of Kobe’s shoulder diagnosis with his doctor.

“This has pulled off (the bone), torn and it’s pulled off,” the doctor says after acknowledging that it’s unclear how long Kobe has been playing with the injury.

“OK,” Kobe says.

Kobe was ruled out for the season, and he explained that the injury was largely due to excessive passing… OK Kobe.

But come on, he’s got to be coming back. Watch it. You’ll agree. Cue the Mariano Rivera comparisons?

Henry McKenna

Henry McKenna loves Settlers of Catan, football, chicken wings and his siblings, in that order. He's written for,,, The Huffington Post, BroBible and other publications. Follow him on Twitter: @McKennAnalysis.