A Death Stare From Kobe Is The Worst Kind Of Death Stare

  • Glenn Davis

Sure, Kobe Bryant is preaching patience about the Lakers’ struggles and telling anyone not preaching patience to shut up. But that doesn’t mean he’s not frustrated. Kobe’s as ferociously competitive as anyone in sports, and losing four out of five games would never sit well with him. How not well? Well, we acknowledged the dangers of reading too much into one moment earlier today, but this is still a moment we’d never want to experience ourselves:

We’re glad to be looking at that through the comfort of a computer screen. And it also made us wonder if the Lakers couldn’t better utilize Kobe’s practice time. Sure, let him get his work in to build up a comfort level in the Lakers’ still-new system… but reserve some time for him to observe. Why does he have to observe from the outside? So he can shoot someone that look every time they screw up. Think the Lakers’ struggles will continue for too long then?

[Gif by CJ Fogler.]