Kobe Floats In And Out Of Coherence On An Emotional Pain Medication Induced Facebook Rant, Talks About Bears

  • Jake O'Donnell

Up all night, presumably in a tremendous amount of pain/pain medication induced stupor, Kobe Bryant took to Facebook to voice his frustration over last night’s potentially career ending achilles injury. Something about rocking chairs and fighting bears…it wasn’t the weirdest thing people have written on drugs, but it wasn’t exactly “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.” The poor guy can’t catch a break this season, so we’ll give him a pass for spelling “pray” with an -e, ironically making the quote he was citing mean the exact opposite of what it was supposed to.

But it is inspirational to read how determined this guy is. And for Laker fans, it must me reassuring to hear him squash the retirement talk/negativity that hover around his torn achilles like a pack of wild dogs. Kobe posted this around 3:36am…

Whoa. Not sure you’re in any condition to start fighting bears, Kobe. Although it got weird at a few points, it was moving. Over on Twitter, he even admitted how this has brought him to tears.