American Gangster: This Is What Kobe Bryant Wore On Christmas Day

  • Dan Fogarty

Is this fur-collared jacket, worn by Kobe Bryant as he strode into Staples Center ahead of his Christmas Day sitdown with the New York Knicks, “ridiculous?” Yes. Can this same jacket, which, when paired with the cream turtleneck sweater that caused Antawn Jamison to simply shake his damn head (SHDH), be called “obnoxious?” Absolutely, it can. Would this princely garment, were a mere mortal such as Jordan Hill to pick it up, cause an immediate burning sensation? Lord, yes.

This is Kobe Bryant’s new domination robe, which he referred to in front of the assembled media underclass as his “Frank Lucas.” It is ridiculous, obnoxious, stately, risky, and something you would’ve seen ringside at Ali/Frazier II. But instead of wasting time finding the proper words to describe it — because those four adjectives in the previous sentence refuse to do this thing justice — let’s ask an important question:

Who the hell is going to tell Kobe Bryant he can’t wear it?

No one.

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