So, What Did Kobe Bryant Say To Lamar Odom Before Last Night’s Game-Winning Shot?

  • Glenn Davis

Whatever last night’s 73-70 Lakers victory over the Mavericks lacked in offensive execution – which was a lot, as both teams shot under 40 percent from the field – it made up for in drama at the end. Derek Fisher hit the game-winner for the Lakers, a three with 3.1 seconds left (right after the Mavs’ Jason Terry tied the game up with a clutch shot of his own), got an extremely spirited “Yes!” out of Marv Albert, and kicked off an atmosphere of general merriment at the Staples Center.

But what stuck out just as much as the shot were the actions of Kobe Bryant. One, he…actually passed up the shot and gave the ball to Fisher, which was enough of a shock for some people. But also noteworthy was the way he sought out an old friend on the Mavericks’ bench near the end (around the minute mark below):

Lamar Odom, of course, still isn’t happy that the Lakers traded him away, and losing like that had to feel like salt in the wound. Of course, it’s worth noting that Kobe didn’t look particularly malicious there, and could well have said whatever he said in a joking manner. It’s also worth noting that Odom wore only a sheepish, sad-looking smile afterward, whereas Kobe beamed.