Kobe Practiced Alone For An Hour After Last Night’s Game

  • Glenn Davis

Among the traits that define Kobe Bryant as a player is that whatever else you might think of him, no one can deny he has a maniacal work ethic. So when ESPN’s Arash Markazi tweeted after last night’s Heat-Lakers game (with photo evidence) that Kobe was still on the court practicing jumpers, we might have been impressed (and possibly frightened) with his dedication, but we couldn’t be shocked.

Kobe didn’t have a great shooting night in his team’s 94-88 loss – he shot 8-21 from the floor, and just 4-13 on two-point attempts. So it’s no surprise that in the photo Markazi tweeted, he’s shooting inside the arc. And lest you think a lesser-known teammate was shooting with Kobe, a teammate who simply wouldn’t command the same type of attention, Markazi further emphasized that indeed, Kobe was the only one practicing. And he was out there for an hour – at least.

Yet for how rightfully impressed everyone is with the dedication – how much will that hour of jumpers really help Kobe knock more shots down his next time out? At some point, extra reps can only help so much, no? Then again…whatever Kobe’s routine is seems to work out pretty well for him. Markazi also got a video of Kobe’s solo shootaround – check it out below. That is one empty arena.

Screengrab via Jorge Sedano