Kobe’s Twitter Retort To Jim Brown’s Harsh, Racially-Oriented Criticism

  • Jake O'Donnell

A few days ago, living legend Jim Brown called out Kobe Bryant for, among other things, not understanding American culture. Which, he claims, explains his somewhat alienating, off-putting behavior. We thought Brown’s message was pretty clear: Kobe doesn’t share the cultural sensibilities of other/most African Americans. Necessary? Not really. A sweeping generalization? Perhaps. Harsh? A bit — but we thought he kept it politely cultural and not personal, citing the Lakers star’s foreign upbringing as an explanation for his demeanor.

It would seem as though Kobe took it differently (and we can’t really blame him because Brown did not need to go psycho-analyzing him on national television).

Brown, whose identification as an African American seems to be a rather large part of his own personal identity, probably didn’t need to go commenting on the authenticity of Bryant’s racial status on “The Arsenio Hall Show.” What do you think? Was Brown wrong? Should he have held his tongue? Does Kobe have a right to be pissed? We want to know what you think. Sound off below.