Kristaps Porzingis Twitter Hacked!!

  • Matthew Colalella

Over the weekend New York Knicks big man Kristaps Porzingis tweeted “LA Clippers with three smiley face emojis”.

This tweet put many Knick fans in panic mode as they were afraid that their young star might be on the move. Here is a tweet that would apply to most Knicks fans:

Earlier this off-season Porzingis did skip out on his exit interview as he doesn’t approve of the triangle and the way Phil Jackson has been treating fellow teammate Carmelo Anthony. With the possibility of Anthony being moved this off-season this tweet made Knicks fans ready to find a new team to root for.

Hours after the tweet was sent it was deleted and Porzingis went on to say that his account was hacked.

He also showed his emoji keyboard to prove that he doesn’t use that smiley face emoji that was in the tweet.

As of now Porzingis is still on the Knicks until Phil Jackson does something drastic during the off-season. If Phil does indeed trade Porzingis expect Knicks fans to protest outside the Garden.