Kyrie Irving Sang “Summer Nights” From “Grease,” And We Use The Term “Sang” Loosely

  • Dylan Murphy

Kyrie Irving joined The Alan Cox Show on Cleveland’s WMMS FM radio earlier this week because he’s a man of the people. Except during his radio appearance, he was baited into singing “Summer Nights” from the movie/musical “Grease.” And no, he wasn’t dressed up like Uncle Drew. So Irving belted out a few notes – out of tune notes, that is – and plodded his way through the song. His duet partner, Erika Lauren, from “The Real World: D.C.,” was equally awful, except her domineering enthusiasm overwhelmed Irving’s mouse-like monotone-ness.

A nice effort indeed by both parties, but we’ll stick with the real song from now on.

h/t House Of Highlights