Kyrie Irving Challenges Kobe To 1-On-1, Phenomenal Trash Talking Ensues

  • Evan Sporer

Thank God for USA Basketball, because in the midst of the MLB All-Star break, and the offseasons for the NFL and NHL, the sports pickings are slim right now. Kyrie Irving, your 2012 NBA Rookie Of the Year, turned some heads with his performance for the USA Select Team at USA Basketball camp. Kyrie was considered by some the biggest surprise, and one of the more impressive players.

So naturally, Irving is glowing with confidence. In fact, he’s so confident, Irving actually challenges Kobe to a game of 1-on-1 in this video, and asks the Laker to bet $50,000 on the game.

What ensues is hilarious trash talking. Kyrie asks Kobe if, “[He] wants to do it right now. Fifty grand to a boss is nothing.” Kobe generously offers to lower the wager to $25,000.

Kobe then tries to remind Kyrie who he’s talking to. “I know your dad don’t think you can beat me one-on-one….Get your dad on the phone right now, be like, ‘Pops, tryin’ to bet Kobe 50 grand I can beat him one-on-one.’ He’d be like, ‘Son, are you crazy? Are you crazy?'” Shots fired!

Kyrie then reminds Kobe he’s gotta play some defense.

Kyrie: “You have to guard. You have to guard.”
Kobe: “So?”
Kyrie: “You’re not going to lock me up.”

I’m definitely going to give Kyrie credit for his confidence, and wanting to go against the best. And I’m going to say this: I don’t think a game between the two is as clear cut as everyone thinks it is. I still think Kobe would win, but I think Kyrie could more than hold his own, and put on a show.

Worried Kyrie wasn’t good for the money because of his rookie contract, Kobe offered to delay the game a year. Man, I really hope this happens. Here’s to dreaming.

h/t BuzzFeed