L.A. Mom Offers Jeremy Lin Her Spare Room In Awesome Craigslist Ad

  • Rick Chandler

Well, Lin did once crash on his brother’s sofa when he first arrived to play for the Knicks.

Now with the Lakers, Lin will be looking for suitable accommodations. But such a search can be time-consuming and most of all, expensive. So one Los Angeles mom thought she’d offer her spare room, rent free. See the awesome Craigslist ad below, posted by her son, who swears it’s all true.

“My Chinese American mom, a former schoolteacher and a HUGE Lakers fan, thinks that my parents’ house would be a great place for Jeremy Lin, if he needs a place to crash when he moves to LA. Mom thought it would be a good idea to put this on the internet just in case it finds its way to Jeremy.”

Jeremy should know that the room does come with some solid amenities:

– Private room / private Bath (privacy is huge)
– Washer dryer in unit (we all know this is super key)
– Stable family environment (no late night partying)
– Close to beach, and to Lakers practice facility (short commute time = more happiness)
– Live rent free (ummm… YES!)

See the entire ad here.

Not mentioned above: There’s a carport, but there’s no smoking.

Whether or not the guy’s mom legitimately made this offer, there’s no doubt that Lin arriving in Los Angeles is making huge waves there. We won’t go as far as saying that they’re LeBron-sized waves, but they’re still big.

Los Angeles has the third-largest Chinese-American population in the U.S. (re: 2010 U.S. Census) at 66,782, and while that’s not close to New York’s number (486,463), it’s significant enough. Houston’s is less than half that, and when you factor in other Asian-American fans in the greater LA area, you have an opportunity for Lin to energize and influence a whole new fan base.

Of course Lin did that in New York with all races, but he was especially influential with the Chinese-American community, who could watch one of their own as a star.

At any rate, one thing he won’t have to worry about is having a place to sleep. Living rent-free with your own room, and being close to the beach? It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.