What Happened Last Night: LaMarcus Aldridge Is Clutch, The Lakers Keep Winning

  • Dylan Murphy

There were sports on TV last night. There are sports on TV most nights. Every night, in fact, except that one weird day during the summer over the All-Star Break when there’s no baseball. So, in case you were out being a person, we’ll let you know what happened.

The Lakers have won three games in a row. This is not a joke.

Kobe Bryant had double digit assists (11) for the third game in a row, Dwight Howard scored 24 points and pulled down 11 rebounds, Earl Clark had 20 points and 12 rebounds, and Pau Gasol had the rather cool line of 7 points, 7 rebounds and 7 assists. Oh, and the Lakers won 111-106. Now it did come against the New Orleans Hornets, but at this point in the Lakers’ season, a win is a win.

Over the last three games, Kobe Bryant has 39 assists – the most over a three-game stretch at any point in his entire career. Still, despite the Lakers passing the ball, the Hornets reeled off a 16-2 run in 2 and a half minutes to bring the score to 102-101 with two minutes to play. So naturally Kobe Bryant Earl Clark came to the rescue with a layup and Steve Nash a three-pointer to seal the deal. The Lakers are still four games out of the playoffs right now, but things are looking up.

LaMarcus Aldridge was clutch, twice.

Even though the Mavs, well, cheated, the Portland Trail Blazers stormed back in one of the crazier finishes of the season. Trailing by three with 28 seconds to go, Nicolas Batum sunk a three-pointer to tie the game. Then with 14 seconds left, an open Dirk Nowitzki caught the ball on the three-point line. He then did a Dirk Nowitzki thing, namely nailing a high arcing three and celebrating with some awkward German gesticulations. But then LaMarcus Aldridge, who hadn’t hit a three-pointer all season, came back on the other end of the floor to hit a three of his own to tie the game at 104 with four seconds remaining. Naturally on their next posession Dallas gave the ball to…O.J. Mayo, who ran over Ronnie Price and earned himself a charging foul.

The Trail Blazers then called timeout to advance the ball to the front court, and this happened: