The Blazers Overcame The Mavs Using Six Players At A Time With This Buzzer-Beater

  • Glenn Davis

The Mavs were beating the Blazers by 15. They didn’t need to do anything untoward to gain an advantage. So why did this happen?

Well… maybe they knew. Maybe they saw a future in which the Blazers would outscore them 64-45 in the second half. Maybe they knew the rally was coming, figured it had to because they were in Portland and the Blazers are always tough to beat in Rip City, and despite their lead, still couldn’t shake nightmare visions of the game ending like, say, this:

Yes, a mighty premonition (and sneaky tactic) that would’ve been indeed. Of course, the real reason it happened was probably just that the Mavs lost track of what was happening and committed a wacky blooper by accident. Oh well – still a funny visual, and impressive comeback. And it’s not all bad, Mavs: Dirk Nowitzki looked to be returning to vintage form last night, scoring 26 points – and he did most of that damage with the help of just four teammates.