NBA Big Men Beware: LaMarcus Aldridge’s Knees Are On The Prowl For Nuts To Destroy

  • Eric Goldschein

aldridge hibbertIt’s been quite a week for athletes getting hit or otherwise injured in the crotch region. This latest salvo of loin attacks come courtesy of LaMarcus Aldridge, who had no regard for the potential human life residing in Roy Hibbert’s genitals last night.

Keep your ear out for the little, nut-busted voice at the 0:24 mark.

After the game, Hibbert couldn’t help but call Aldridge out — good-naturedly — for his post moves.

And LaMarcus copes to it, but notes that it’s really out of his control. It’s just how he jumps.

It’s all fun and games until Roy Hibbert Jr. and Royina Hibbert are born with knee indents in their heads.