This Is What Lance Stephenson Thinks Of LeBron James

  • Eric Goldschein

Obviously, who cares what Lance Stephenson thinks? Dude is a bench warmer whose Brooklyn glory days are well behind him. But he happens to be thinking what everyone else in the sports world is thinking: LeBron and the Heat are choking.

In the third quarter, long before the Pacers turned Game 3 into a blowout, LeBron stepped to the line for a technical foul free throw. The three-time MVP and best player in the world — and he clanked it. Here’s what Stephenson had to say about that:

A measly missed free throw, who cares? Everyone misses free throws. Michael Jordan, we think, missed a free throw or two. But that missed free throw was part of a 12 point third quarter for Miami. LeBron would go 1-3 from the line overall, and the Heat once again scored a measly 75 points on the night, losing big in Indiana.

What is going on here? LeBron finished with 22, but only six of those points came in the second half. Is Chris Bosh really the most important cog in the Big Three? If that’s what we end up taking away from this series — that LeBron James, for all his immense talent, is nothing without an multiple-All-Star supporting cast — then this is going to be a long, long summer for the King.

[To be fair, Dwayne Wade deserves some blame as well. But LeBron has carried worse rosters.]

Also, Lance Stephenson, sit down. When was the last time you even took a free throw? Psh.