Larry Sanders Got Ejected Last Night For Giving Refs Some Thumbs Up

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Bucks big man Larry Sanders was called for an offensive foul late in last night’s blowout loss to the Wizards, and the call upset him. But he didn’t react in typical angry basketball player fashion. He didn’t yell or contort or choke a friend. He resorted to calm sarcasm, throwing “thumbs up” to each of the three officials. He was very deliberate, and it was very effective.

He was ejected, presumably for hurting the refs’ feelings. And as with most things. the gesture is better in GIF form.

If you aren’t following, I’ll help you out. You see, Sanders didn’t think it was a foul, because it was bad for his squad. If he had liked the call, he may have given the refs a “thumbs up.” But he decided to turn the tables and give them one anyway, even though the refs were sure Sanders didn’t like the call, because it went against his wishes. So, the refs were angry at his phony gesture. And that’s why he was ejected.

Thumbs up, Larry. The real kind.

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