LeBron James Airballed This Free Throw, So You Will Now All Point And Laugh At Him

  • Glenn Davis

LeBron James is spectacularly good at basketball. He possesses the greatest gifts of anyone in the NBA, and most people would tell you he’s harnessed those gifts well enough to become the game’s best player, period. He can do things athletically that no 6-foot-8, 260ish-pound human should, and combines that with a feel for the game almost anyone on the planet would kill for. Regardless of any playoff failures, one day he’ll go down as one of the best who ever played the game.

And all of that makes it especially hilarious when something like this happens (video by @jose3030):

Alas, the TV cameras didn’t get it from the best angle, but you can certainly see that the ball gets nothing but not-net. Additionally, we enjoy the yelling of “SHORT!” (by LeBron himself? If not, then who?) almost like it’s to prepare us for what we’re about to see, so we think it’s less funny. Didn’t work, sorry. And yeah, there was a lockout, so we expect these guys will be rusty, but still – this is LeBron James. And that was a simple free throw. And even though we’re not LeBron-haters, we loved it.