LeBron And D-Wade Wheelbarrow Their Way Past Kings, Jump Over Ben McLemore

  • Jake O'Donnell

Two big things in this lopsided 122-103 Miami win. First, LeBron more or less jumped over the 6’5″ Ben McLemore (welcome to association, young buck). Second, LBJ and D-Wade videobombed the king himself, Chris Bosh, during a post game interview — whereby Bron grabbed Dwayne’s feet and walked him around like it was some sort of barnyard wheelbarrow race. Both raised the bar for Christmas morning, when LeBron will be expected to dunk all over the place/put Wade on his shoulders and chicken fight the Sun Sports court-side crew.

Check out the dunk below. (We have it ranked #2 on our “Power Dunk Power Rankings” — see who’s still at the top.)