LeBron James, Terrible Basketball Player*, Gets Dunked On, Shoots 1-For-10 In Second Half

  • Glenn Davis

Welcome to the latest edition of SportsGrid’s occasionally-recurring series, “LeBron James: Terrible Basketball Player.*” When we last met, LeBron was inexplicably blowing a wide-open dunk. Well, this time, he’s on the other end of a dunk – only this one was finished successfully, by the Sixers’ Jrue Holiday. Right over him.

We know, we know: refreshing to see some players who actually can finish dunks. Where was the four-time All-Defensive first teamer on THAT one, LeBron?! And if you weren’t disgusted by LeBron’s lack of basketball ability already, you will be once you see this:

1-10 shooting. 10 percent. You ever hear of a player shooting 10 percent? Of course not. Remember Allen Iverson, all the shots he missed? Career 42.5 percent shooter. Clearly, this means LeBron is more than four times worse than Allen Iverson. Can’t stop opponents from dunking, can’t buy a shot – why’s everyone always going on about this guy, anyway?

[Ball Don’t Lie]

*Not actually terrible. He had 27 points, seven rebounds, and eight assists last night despite his cold-shooting half. He’s okay.