LeBron Casually Hits Three From Half Court, Reminds Us Why He Doesn’t Always Go To The Hoop

  • Jake O'Donnell

After coming under fire for not scoring enough in Game 1, LeBron James, who practices amidst the media like Rocky Balboa right before he lost to Clubber Lang, demonstrated his range today by draining some run-of-the-mill half-court jumpers. If he was anymore nonchalant about it he’d be barefoot and texting.

As if LeBron needs to vindicate himself for his 18 point performance Thursday night (where he snagged 18 boards and 10 assists), he’s spending his Saturday taking it easy (or rebute Dennis Rodman who doesn’t think he’s anything special). A few 50ft jumpers in the morning, a light lunch, maybe a nap, then filming Dwayne Wade during a press conference. I would too if I just played 8 consecutive grueling playoff games. He even admits he was fatigued in Game 1. Consider today a “me” day, Bron. Treat yourself.