LeBron James Allegedly Flips Off Akron DJ (PHOTO)

  • David Helene

During The Decision, LeBron James told the world that his “heart would always be around Cleveland” and that “Akron, Ohio [will] always [be] home for me.”

How quickly he forgets.

An Akron DJ (DJ Fig) claimed yesterday that, while in Las Vegas last weekend (wait, LeBron was in Vegas? Nobody is talking about this!), LeBron gave him the middle finger, despite the fact that the DJ offered sentiments of support. According to DJ Fig:

“I said, ‘Hey, Akron still loves you, man.’  And he gave the bird.”

Probably the most shocking detail of this story is that LeBron gave the finger… to the DJ’s camera, and–regardless of whether or not the DJ actually expressed the love for LeBron that he professes to have rendered–there now exists a photograph of LeBron smiling and giving an Akron man the middle finger.

Not exactly the type of love that you would expect, especially given all the times that LeBron has waxed poetic about Akron in the past.

According to fox8.com, DJ Fig contacted the NBA demanding for an apology but is yet to hear back.

Regardless of whether or not he does receive an apology from LeBron, however–and our guess is that Commissioner Stern does ask that he do so–one thing is for certain:

LeBron James is burning all of his bridges in Cleveland.  Let’s just hope that the fires don’t spread to the river.

Here is the photo of LeBron:

And here is the video report from Fox 8, which includes reactions from Akron residents:

h/t to the Huffington Post