Dwyane Wade Alley-Oop To LeBron James Brings Forth An “Are. You. Kidding. Me.”

  • Tom Lorenzo

It’s getting harder and harder to act “shocked” when LeBron James and Dwyane Wade hook up for thunderous alley-oops. Still, as we tried to remain as composed as possible, tonight against the Blazers, the duo got out on an open break and, with that, we blissfully tossed around such Internet acronyms as “OMG” and “OMFG.”

This just doesn’t seem fair. Especially when LeBron and Wade see plenty of daylight in the open court. Before anyone on the Blazers could yell out for help defense or, in this case, suggest that Jamal Crawford brace himself for impact, the play was already over and done with. In a flash. And it was strong enough to even warrant one Blazers’ fan to make the “Holy sh-t did you just see that?!” face. A pretty impressive feat. Watch:

Video via CJ Fogler