LeBron James Didn’t Seem To Think His Birthday Cake Was Worth $3,500

  • Tom Lorenzo

LeBron James had a bit of a problem with his $3,500 birthday cake. No, it had nothing to do with the cost of the cake, but it had everything to do with… Oh, wait, yeah, the cost pretty much had everything to do with it.

When King James’ party people picked up the birthday cake they ordered from a South Beach “mom-and-pop” bakery, they supposedly didn’t seem pleased enough with the effort to tweet and/or pay for the cake.

Apparently, the James people thought that the cake would be free, offering up James’ star power as a way to to provide free publicity for the baker, Alethea Hickman, in exchange for the five-tier birthday cake. What a beautiful world this man lives in.

According to Hickman, though, when the birthday party came and went, her cake never ended up making it onto James’ Twitter account. In fact, the King tweeted photos of another cake that wasn’t Hickman’s. Now, she’s looking for some cash and an explanation as to what went wrong.

Jared Galbut, the party planner working for James, however, did have an explanation for why Hickman on why her cake was slighted.

Galbut said James’ people decided Hickman’s work wasn’t fit for the king: “It just wasn’t what was expected. When LeBron’s people saw it, they just didn’t want to use it and decided to bring their own cake. I can’t tell LeBron James what birthday cake to eat. It’s LeBron James, for Christ’s sake.”

As for how much Galbut would pay Hickman if he were asked, he just said: “That cake couldn’t be worth more than $600. It’s flour, eggs and water.”

Great, now that we know what goes into the cake, it’s probably time to talk about the process of baking, decorating and producing such a massive, fit-for-a-king type of cake. You have to believe that this woman deserves something, right? Even if it’s a tweet with a half-eaten piece of cake. The caption is up to you, King James. But as long as you can say you tweeted a photo of her cake, that should do it, right?

[Ball Don’t Lie, via Miami Herald]