LeBron James Punishes Derrick Brown For Picking His Pocket

  • Tom Lorenzo

The last thing you want to do is embarrass LeBron James. Just ask Charlotte Bobcats’ forward Derrick Brown–and countless others–what happens when you make King James look human. He’ll let you have your little moment, but the moment you think you’ve gotten the best of him he’ll instantly turn and put you back in your place.

In the second quarter of tonight’s game between the Heat and the Bobcats, Brown, a third-year player out of Xavier, picked LeBron’s pocket with a nice swipe at the ball, which lead to what seemed to be an easy fastbreak bucket. Nice try. For a player like Brown, who is nothing more than a nice complimentary player, this sequence might just be the highlight of his young career. Sadly.

Wow. That never gets old. You have to love the fact that the chase-down block has now become a staple of LeBron’s game. This is one of those videos where if it were 1996 we’d probably get a nice little chuckle if I lead the story with, “No soup for you!” But since it’s not, I’ll refrain.

[via @Blazersedge]