WATCH: LeBron James Greeted By Loudest Chorus Of Boos Ever In Return To Cleveland

  • Dan Fogarty

Tonight’s the night. LeBron James has taken the floor, and all of our questions (Will he play nervous? Will he defer to Dwyane Wade? Will he do the chalk thing?) will soon be answered.

One question that was answered right off the bat: just how loud will the boos be as he takes the court? The answer: loud.

It was so loud, in fact, that TNT’s Ernie Johnson had to practically shout in order to narrate the awesomely cinematic scene. As James came out of the tunnel he was greeted by the start of “what figures to be two and half hours of booing” (thanks Marv Albert!).

As for the chant of choice tonight? So far, it sounds like Cavs fans are going with old reliable (“Asshole! Asshole!”). We’ll see if they get more creative as the night progresses.