VIDEO: LeBron James Confronts Heckler, TV Microphones Pick It Up

  • Glenn Davis

The Miami Heat cruised to a 106-92 win over the Pistons last night, but despite that this game was the epitome of regular-season drudgery – a February road game against a sub-.500 team that couldn’t hang with the Heat and only got within 14 because of garbage time points – one moment got LeBron James fired up like few things we’ve seen this season.

Keeping in theme with the game’s unremarkable nature, however, it had nothing to do with what happened on the court. Rather, a heckler apparently said some untoward things involving LeBron’s mother (or at least mentioned her name). LeBron wasn’t a fan of that, and had a few words with the heckler…which happened to get picked up by TV microphones in the area.

UPDATE: According to the Miami Herald (h/t SB Nation), the heckler said, “Is your mom going to Boston for Valentine‚Äôs Day?” I guess this is where we remind you Delonte West is on the Celtics. Yeah, we can see why LeBron didn’t like that one.

It makes sense remarks about LeBron’s mother would send him over the edge, because let’s face it – the guy’s been called every name in the book at this point, and he has to have heard at least some of that, but this is the first I’ve heard of him actually confronting a heckler. And even taking the curse into account, LeBron pretty much kept his cool – it was more of a stern explanation than outright confrontation. But it least it provided an intriguing plot twist in a game that otherwise didn’t provide a whole lot to be intrigued about.

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