LeBron James Delivers Incredibly Douchey Pre Game Speech

  • Henry McKenna

LeBron James

In his first game “coming home” to the Cleveland Cavaliers, LeBron James’ shooting kinda sucked (5-15, 17 pts). His passing kinda sucked (8 turnovers). Even, the chalking throwing thing kinda sucked. And if you’re wondering when the sucking actually started, then we can pinpoint it to the pre game, when LeBron delivered a god-awful speech:

“Don’t take this moment for granted. This is going to be one of the — this is one of the biggest sporting spectacles in the history of sports. And we’re a part of it. And it has a lot to do with me. I understand that. But I wouldn’t won’t to do it with no other guys besides ya’ll.”


LeBron James

Henry McKenna

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