LeBron James Cries To Ref: ‘That’s A Flop!’ In The Most Ironic GIF Ever

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Feeling down about another Miami Heat victory? We can’t blame you.

This may help. LeBron James pleading to Joey Crawford — or maybe it was another referee, or maybe it was just thin air — emphatically crying, “That’s a FLOP.” As you know, he is an expert on the subject. He was referencing a possible Tony Parker flop. The truth is, it probably was a flop.

But when you’re the Behemoth Fraidy Who Cried Flop, nobody listens to you, because you deserve nothing but scorn and a heartbreaking Game 7 loss to the Spurs.

LeBron James Flop Tony Parker Joey Crawford

h/t CJ Fogler