You Can Buy “LeBron James” Heroin In Philadelphia

  • Dan Fogarty

If there’s anything I learned from American Gangster, the 2007 film starring Denzel Washington about the life and times of drug kingpin Frank Lucas, it’s that the best part about being a heroin dealer is giving your heroin a a name. In Frank Lucas’ case, it was “Blue Magic.” For one Philadelphia drug dealer, it was “LeBron James.”

Police in Upper Darby have arrested 19-year-old Marlon Guess after undercover cops bought 140 bags of heroin from him. The bags looked like this:

I would’ve gone simply with “LeBron,” but to each his own.

Anyway, the arrest sparked a failed attempt at fleeing and a pretty good quote from Upper Darby Police Superintendent Michael Chitwood:

When police moved in for the bust, Guess, who was driving a rental car, couldn’t take the heat and drove off, hitting a police cruiser and a parked car before ditching his vehicle and running, police said.

He was captured shortly after and, when he was taken into custody, he was “a real wise-ass,” Chitwood said.

Guess was given a $250,000 cash bail, and lots of time to think of cool names for his heroin.