LeBron James Is Considering Running For NBA Players Union President

  • Ricky Boebel

It looks like King James would like to be President James. One source close to LeBron James is reporting the Heat star is seriously considering a run at the National Basketball Players Association presidency:

“It’s something he has talked about with a small group of people. He was very vocal at the meeting during the All-Star Weekend about the need for the union to dramatically change. There is a new executive director coming in and new commissioner. He recognizes that this is the time for the union to change.”

The union has been in turmoil since the 2011 lockout. Former executive director Billy Hunter is filing a lawsuit against current president Derek Fisher. Fisher’s term as president expired this summer and all signs indicate he won’t run again.

It’s pretty unusual for superstars to throw their hat the ring for presidency. In the past, union presidents used to all be big name players, such as Isiah Thomas, Oscar Robertson and Patrick Ewing. But the last decade has been dominated by low-profile players: Michael Curry, Antonio Davis and Fisher.

Many believe superstars make the best union presidents. They bring a level notoriety that gives the union extra leverage with the owners during labor negotiations. On the other hand, role players better represent the interests of the majority of the league, who are not all stars.

It’s hard to see LeBron and his 24/7 DJ lifestyle having time for NBPA president duties. But perhaps this is yet another sign LeBron is maturing into more mature basketball player/human being.

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