LeBron James Miraculously Gets Info Back After His Galaxy Note 3 Erases Everything

  • Jake O'Donnell

At exactly 5:03 pm, @KingJames tweeted out a distress call to his 12 million followers. His phone had died. We can only assume that the tweet was sent over LeBron’s old Nokia 3310. This pained him immensely. Hey, at least he got to play some snake.

Whoa, dude — we hear you about mourning your phone’s death and the loss of your contacts — but relax. It’s a phone. Everyone knows how to get in touch with you. Everything will be fine. (Though it would be funny if Bron went completely off the grid as a result of this.)

LBJ promptly took the tweet down after, let’s assume, Samsung’s CEO Kwon Oh Hyun parachuted into his living room to fix the problem, personally. Then the poor perennial MVP candidate got all his info back. Yay! #2014NewsStories

Translation of that last tweet: Samsung wants you to call customer service before you complain to the entire internet about a product you’re trying to sell.