LeBron James Misses A Buzzer Beater, Is Out-Heroed By…Draymond Green

  • Jordan Rabinowitz

It’s been a busy night in The Association so far, but whenever we get a chance to highlight LeBron James missing a buzzer beater, and being upstaged by an unsung rookie, WE’RE GONNA DO IT!

The Golden State Warriors and Miami Heat were tied at 95 when Jarrett Jack delivered a backdoor pass to the rookie small forward Draymond Green that he was able to lay up with 0.9 seconds left with absolutely no Heat defenders around him. The Michigan State product averages a little over 13 minutes per game, 2.5 points, and 3.4 rebounds a contest, but you or I could hit a layup with the space the Heat gave him.

So the inbound pass had to go to No. 6, who in classic LeBron James fashion, could not seal the deal. 97-95, Warriors.

The Warriors improved to 15-7 and have won the first five games of any road trip they’ve ever had since 1978. David Lee also has five straight 20/10 games, matching James himself for the longest such streak of the season. His Heat now drop to 14-6 and are 2-3 in games where he scores 30 points — weird, but not as pitiful as the Lakers, who are 1-10 when Kobe notches 30.

Sure, Green was in a much better place to play hero on his possession than James was on his, but since we have a contractual obligation with NBA gods to point out a LeBron James shortcoming in crunch time, we just had to make light of it.

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