LeBron James Needs To Work On His Poker Face

  • Eric Goldschein

The Heat lost the Pacers last night, 84-83. It was a tough game that saw LeBron James score 45 percent of his team’s points, but Chris Bosh took the final shot and airballed:

Pacers’ center Roy Hibbert played great defense here, and there were two seconds left in the game, so there’s no shame in Bosh’s misfire. Plus, it appeared to be the right play, as Bosh had just hit a big three to pull the Heat within one, and who wasn’t expecting LeBron to take the final shot?

Well, Hibbert, actually. Via ESPN:

With two seconds left, Spoelstra called for James to be the decoy and to set up Bosh for a chance at the game winner. Hibbert smothered it, and Bosh shot an air ball when he had to force it over Hibbert’s arm.

“LeBron gave it away in his face. He didn’t have that grit-his-teeth-he’s-going-to-score-the-last-basket look,” Hibbert said. “So I knew he was going to probably going to pass it to Bosh for the last shot.”

Almost as surprising as hearing LeBron has a potential tell is that Hibbert would give it away so easily. Next time these two teams play (the Eastern Conference Finals?), expect LeBron to have that “gritty-teeth” look on him at all times. For now, chalk up this hand to a bad bluff and move on.