LeBron Is Producing A Sitcom?

  • Matt Rudnitsky

LeBron TVLeBron James will reportedly be the executive producer for a new Starz sitcom, titled “Survivor’s Remorse.”

The show centers around a theme that LeBron is quite familiar with – people who make it big after getting out of the inner city and try to adjust to the fame while dealing with feelings of guilt for having made it while peers are still struggling. The half-hour sitcom will chronicle the lives of two Philadelphia natives…

This does not sound like a sitcom.

LeBron signed a deal with Fenway Sports Group back in April of 2011 that gave him a minority stake in Liverpool FC (which, along with the Boston Red Sox, is owned by FSG) and promised to partner with Carter’s marketing firm, LRMR Branding & Marketing, to become the exclusive representative for James.

No word on when the show will begin production yet.

No word on how unexcited I am.

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