LeBron James On Ever Participating In Dunk Contest: “It Ain’t Looking Good”

  • Joe Levine

Since LeBron James first entered the NBA ten years ago, fans have been waiting for him to enter the Slam Dunk Contest. Ten years on and they’re still waiting. Well, it may be time to stop waiting, because according to LeBron, it’s probably never going to happen.

James was asked Friday if he thought he would ever participate in the same competition that so many other legends participated in. His response?

“I’m getting older,” he said. “It ain’t looking good.”

LeBron is 28. “I’m getting older”? Give me a break. Dominique Wilkins won the dunk contest in 1990 at age 30. Julius Erving participated in 1985 just weeks from turning 33. You’re getting older at 28?

Granted, the dunk contest is more of a young man’s contest these days. Even so, 28 is hardly old. If LeBron wanted to enter the dunk contest, he would enter the dunk contest, regardless of if he was 18, 28, or 38. He doesn’t want to do it, probably because he only has one dunk in his arsenal (though that never stopped ‘Nique from winning…). Maybe we should just stop asking him.

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