LeBron James And Tiger Woods Are Allegedly Awful Tippers

  • Ben Axelrod

We’ve heard whispers for some time that LeBron James and Tiger Woods are notoriously bad tippers, and their respective rankings on the Miami New Times list of the ten worst celebrity tippers only seem to confirm it.

Woods ranked as the No. 1 worst celebrity tipper in the world, while James wasn’t far behind at No. 4. The allegations that Woods and James are far from the most generous tippers in the world seems even more curious when you consider that Woods made $105 million in 2010, while James made $43 million.

And with Woods’ financial situation apparently not being what it once was, I wouldn’t expect his tipping habits to improve anytime soon. As for James, maybe this is what Cleveland fans were referring to when they chanted Scottie Pippen‘s name at him last December.

[Miami New Times. Image via.]