LeBron James, Prolific Flopper, Says He Doesn’t ‘Even Know How’ To Flop. Here Are Many Instances Of Him Flopping.

  • Matt Rudnitsky

Nazr Mohammed pushed LeBron James during the Chicago Bulls’ loss to the Miami Heat, on Friday night. People are calling it a flop, because it looked like a flop. Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau is one of these people, and he got fined for being one of these people, because David Stern is a big, sensitive bully.

This is what Thibodeau said after the game, about the play.

“From my angle, I saw a guy basically flop,” Thibodeau said of James. “I don’t think it warranted an ejection. I understand a flagrant foul, I understand that, but ejection, no, nope.”

Probably a fair statement. But LeBron’s reaction is much, much more important, because it makes him sound like an idiot.

“It’s kind of the same as when people said I was overrated, I have the same response,” James said. “I don’t need to flop. I play an aggressive game but I don’t flop. I’ve never been one of those guys. I don’t need to flop. I don’t even know how to do it. So it doesn’t mean much to me.”

No, it’s not kind of the same as when people said LeBron James was overrated. LeBron James is and was not overrated, except maybe by people who say that he could win an NBA Championship by himself, one-on-five, against the Monstars. But when people say he flops, they are correct. LeBron James is the best basketball player in the world, and he is a prolific flopper. Here are five of his best flops, to show how erroneous his statement is. The erroneosity is off the charts, almost as erroneous as my use of the non-existent word, erroneosity.

Note: I’ve even written a sort-of defense of flopping in soccer, calling it “Acutely American.” The reason LeBron James flops is because it works. That’s irritating, but understandable. But, his statement is complete bullshit and like us saying our Kate Upton post today was done to inform you on the latest happenings in the sports world. LeBron James flops because it works, and we show you Kate Upton because Kate Upton.

LeBron flops twice in under a minute, acts as if his neck snapped. Tyson Chandler records flagrant foul. LeBron recovers from snapped neck and performs exceptionally, as usual.

Friendly fire flop, followed by Tom Thibodeau saving LeBron’s life.

And, finally, a lovely compilation.

These videos are very easy to find, and there are many more of them. LeBron James is a prolific flopper, and he is a liar. To deal with this, I shamelessly refer you to my “How to Cope with the Miami Heat Winning the NBA Championship” guide for your inevitable depression.

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