LeBron James Either Really Didn’t Want The Clock To Start, Or Forgot What Basketball Was

  • Glenn Davis

You’ve seen it before: basketball players letting the ball roll down the floor before picking it up and starting to dribble it, in order to save as much clock time as possible. It’s a tactic commonly referred to as walking the dog, and LeBron James made full use of it last night in overtime against the Magic. Like, maybe a little too much use, to the point where you might watch the clip below and wonder whether LeBron was trying to save a few seconds, or honestly just forgot you’re allowed to pick the ball up. See what we mean:

You know, far be it from us to question LeBron’s methods or anything – after all, the Heat did wind up winning, thanks in large part to his 36 points, 11 assists, and eight rebounds – but was that long a dog walk really necessary? Was he doing it just to see how long he could keep it up and get away with it? Hard to chalk it up to a bored superstar trying to amuse himself, though – again, the game went to overtime. So LeBron just really, really values each second, we guess. Not a bad New Year’s resolution, actually.