LeBron James Whines About Not Being Able To Watch The Super Bowl, Gets To Play Professional Basketball In The NBA Instead

  • Dylan Murphy

The Miami Heat visit the Toronto Raptors on Sunday at 2:00 p.m., a game that will end shortly before the Super Bowl kicks off at 6:30 p.m. Directly after the conclusion of Miami-Toronto, the Heat will fly back home for a Monday night matchup with Charlotte. But because their charter plane apparently does not have satellite television or Wi-Fi, the Miami Heat will not be able to watch the Super Bowl. LeBron James won’t be able to watch the Super Bowl.

That kind of sucks, to be honest, but it’s a relative blip in the completely not-sucky radar of LeBron James’ life. Still, whining LeBron James can’t help but whine about it.

Via the Sun-Sentinel:

“‘How disgusting is that?’ he said after Wednesday’s shootaround at the Barclays Center prior to the game against the Brooklyn Nets.

The Heat cannot delay their return from Toronto, with a Monday game at AmericanAirlines Arena against the Charlotte Bobcats.

‘If the Cowboys were in the Super Bowl, I’d stay there for the game,’ he said of his passionate football rooting interest.”

It’s too bad, really, that LeBron has to play professional basketball, in the NBA, in front of thousands of adoring fans, making millions of dollars, sponsoring heroin, apparently without DVR. Tough times.