Coolest Moment Ever Or Grossest Moment Ever Or Both?

  • Dan Fogarty

After LeBron James scored the Heat’s final 17 points to help beat the Nets 101-98 in New Jersey, he had some business to take care of. First, he had to give pretty much everyone on the court a pound. Then, he had to wave over Heat rookie Norris Cole so Cole could meet Jay-Z. Then he had to have a secret famous person discussion with Jigga where they both covered their mouths. Then, finally, he had to give all of his accessories — his headbands and armbands — to Jay-Z’s little nephew.

Which is undoubtedly awesome if you’re Jay-Z’s little nephew. It’s like that episode of Hey Arnold, when a basketball player throws Arnold’s best friend Gerald his sweat-drenched armband, and Gerald keeps the armband in some water-filled tupperware for posterity.

You’re willing to overlook certain inconvenient truths — like, this dude just played basketball for 2 hours and is covering my face with his sweaty-ass headband, for instance — when you’re in the presence of your hero. Get your tupperware ready, little Jay-Z nephew. You’re going to be telling your grandkids about this kind-of-gross moment.